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China tries to lure Brazil to New Silk Road

China tries to lure Brazil to New Silk Road
13 de Maio de 2019   |   Economy

The vice-president, Hamilton Mourão , is scheduled to travel Beijing , on the 23rd of May.

Mourao must be confronted with the interests of China in attracting Brazil to call New Silk Road ( "One Belt One Road" or Initiative Belt and Route).

It is a world mega-project of Chinese investments in infrastructure that is seen with great suspicion by the United States and other nations.

The project was launched in 2013 by the Chinese communist regime to invest more than $ 1 trillion in infrastructure in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The possibility of future signing of a memorandum of understanding with Brazil is one of the topics that the Chinese tend to raise duranta's visit Mourao, the newspaper Valor Econômico .

Mourao to Beijing will lead the Brazilian delegation at the meeting of the Sino-Brazilian Commission High-Level Coordination (High-level Committee), the largest permanent forum for dialogue and bilateral cooperation.


Source: TARCISO MORAIS Fundador e editor-chefe da RENOVA Mídia.